SEATS: Why Do I Need Environmental Awareness Training?

As of March 2015 all construction workers on United Kingdom Contractors Group sites needed to exhibit signs that they are doing as much as possible to cut down on environmental impact when working.

In order to gain the relevant knowledge to demonstrate these skills, you will need to attend an environmental awareness course.

What courses are available?

3B Training provides the CITB Site Environmental Awareness Training Scheme, commonly known as SEATS. The course is ideal for those who want to gain relevant knowledge and work to the correct standards.

Why should I choose SEATS?

SEATS EnvironmentalIn the world we live in today looking after the environment is of great importance. The construction industry is regularly looked open as a culprit of causing pollution and other environmental issues. Therefore the SEATS course has been put in place to educate organisations about the assets of good environmental management. It will also cover how workers can lower these negative effects. Being a greener company comes with plenty of perks; the changes you make can be cost saving and give your organisation a better corporate image. Generally, those who work in supervisory or managerial roles would attend the course.  A Supervisor/Manager would work towards getting their workforce to lead by example.

SEATS is becoming a well establish and identified qualification in the construction sector. The course is expected to soon have comparable industry popularity to its fellow Site Safety Plus courses such as the CITB Health and Safety Awareness and SMSTS. It is predicted that up to 10,000 construction managers and supervisors will pass the course in the next year.

How do I book a SEATS course?

3B Training delivers the course as a classroom-based one-day session. The course can be delivered in-house or at one of our venues nationwide.

To find out more about the structure, location and price of the course visit our book a course page.

If you would like to discuss booking a SEATS course you can contact us here.

Awareness of the Environment in the Workplace

Take a look at how you can be generally greener in your day to day work here.

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