NEBOSH Construction Certificate

National Examination Board in Occupational Health & Safety (NEBOSH)

Price Breakdown

NGC1 & NCC1 NEBOSH Construction Certificate  – £1295 (+VAT).

NGC1 & NGC2 NEBOSH General Certificate  – £1095 (+VAT).

Conversion NEBOSH – £765 (+VAT)

NGC1, NGC2 & NCC1 NEBOSH Construction & General Certificate – £1695 (+VAT).

Blended Learning

NEBOSH General Certificate – £597.50 (+VAT) + exam fee – £157 (+VAT).

NEBOSH Construction & General Certificate – £897.50 (+VAT) + exam fee – £211 (+VAT).

Exam Fees (if you are attending just the exam)

NGC1 – £79 (+VAT).

NGC2 – £79 (+VAT).

NCC1 – £79 (+VAT).

NGC3 – £59 (+VAT).

x2 Written exams + Practical exam – £149 (+VAT).

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NEBOSH Construction Certificate Training


The NEBOSH National Certificate is the must have qualification for safety and health practitioners. Its practical approach promotes the application of the knowledge acquired on the course to problem solving within the workplace. It is an extremely flexible course and can be completed over various lengths of time. It can be taken in many languages and can be tailored to suit your personal industry requirements.

Courses include: NEBOSH General, NEBOSH Construction and NEBOSH Diploma.

Course Content

NGC1 – Management of Health & Safety.

1 – Foundations in Health & Safety.NEBOSH Construction Certificate in Bolton

2 – Health & Safety Management Systems 1 – Plan.

3 – Health & Safety Management Systems 2 – Do.

4 – Health & Safety Management Systems 3 – Check.

5 – Health & Safety Management Systems 4 – Act.

NCC1 – Managing and Controlling Hazards in Construction Activities

Construction management an law.

Hazards and control on a construction site.

Plant and vehicle movement hazard control.

Control of musculoskeletal hazards and risks.

Hazards and control of work equipment.

Electrical & Fire safety.

Health hazards and risk control of chemical and biological substances.

Psychological and physical health hazards and risk control.

Working at Height, confined spaces & deep excavation hazard control.

Demolition hazard control.

Suitable Delegates

The General certificate course is suitable for all managers from any industry as well as managers, supervisors, designers and CDM Co-ordinators from the Construction Industry. The Construction Certificate helps them manage risks effectively. It may also prove effective for those who have to manage the activities of contractors. The qualification is specifically referred to as a key competence in the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2007.

The qualification is also appropriate for supervisors and managers working in other industries such as utilities, and even broadcasting, where temporary workplaces are a feature of their activities.

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Available Venues

The course is available in Hull, Leeds, Manchester, Derby, Durham & Bolton.

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