Grandfather Rights Are Being Removed From CSCS

The Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) is set to phase out cards issued under industry accreditation (IA) by 2024.

The only cards remaining that do not require a qualification are those issued under IA (also known as Grandfather Rights). This is following the withdrawal of the Construction Site Operative, Construction Related Occupation and Construction Site Visitor cards.

Why is industry accreditation being removed?

The Construction Leadership Council (CLC) announced (via the Industrial Strategy: Construction 2025) that skills certification card schemes carrying the CSCS logo must operate with nationally recognised qualifications (NVQs or approved equivalents) in place for all occupations.

CSCS cards awarded under IA don’t require the applicant to hold a nationally recognised construction-related qualification. Meaning it doesn’t meet the requirements of the CLC. As a consequence, CSCS will stop renewing cards held under IA at the end of 2024.

I have been working in construction for years, why do I need a qualification?

The CLC Industrial Strategy states that only qualifications can provide a consistent means of proving an individual’s skills. Therefore, they require everyone working in construction related occupations to obtain a recognised qualification.

When will my industry accreditation card run out?

CSCS will cease renewing IA cards from 30th June 2024. All IA cards renewed from 1st January 2020 will have a fixed expiry date. They will expire on 31st December 2024 and will not be able to be renewed.

I’m an industry accreditation card holder, what does grandfather rights withdrawal mean for me?

The impact will depend on the occupation and qualifications you currently hold.

Applying for a new CSCS card will be straightforward if you already have the necessary qualification for your role. Similarly if you have become a member of a CSCS approved professional body (e.g. The Chartered Institute of Builders).

Please use the card finder tool to find out which card your qualification is eligible for. Your new card will be valid for five years.

If you don’t have the required qualification, you’ll need to register before your card expires in 2024.

CSCS is working with the industry to find ways to support individuals achieve the recognised qualification for their role. One option being explored is the delivery of an on-site assessment rather than the completion of a full NVQ.

Use the CSCS flowchart to find out what you need to do. You can also check the Industry Accreditation FAQs for more information.

Where can I find the training I need?

3B Training offers a range of NVQs which will allow you to gain the relevant qualification and CSCS card such as…

Construction Trade & Plant NVQs

Construction Supervisory & Management NVQs

Health & Safety NVQs

Contact our team on 0330 912 0650 or [email protected] to discuss your options.

What if I no longer need a card?

There will also be many IA card holders who no longer need their Construction Skills Certification Scheme cards. For example, you may have changed roles, perhaps moved into an office-based job, or rarely visit site. In this scenario, it is likely that you no longer require a CSCS card.

The removal of IA is one of the most complex steps to be taken in helping to create the fully qualified workforce the industry desires. There will not be one single solution to all the challenges the removal of IA creates. It is likely that each occupation and sector will need to agree their own solutions. These may take some time to develop. This work will continue as a priority throughout 2022.

Are you unsure what steps you need to take to retain your CSCS card? Contact the 3B Training team on 0330 912 0650.

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