Proposed 2015 Construction (Design and Management) Changes

Construction (Design and Management) regulations are changing on 6th April 2015.

The HSE is proposing a range of different changes which will affect your health and safety regulations, design and delivery of the construction.

Listed below are the main changes that are expected to come into place with Construction Design and Management) regulations.

General Regulation Simplification

The HSE proposes to make them clearer and simpler to understand. This is aimed to help small or medium projects who used SME (Small Medium Enterprise) companies.

Principal Designer replaces the CDM Coordinator

Construction Design ManagementWhen the regulations come into force a Client will need to appoint a ‘Principal Designer’ for all projects concerning more than one contractor (trade contractor) on-site on one occasion. Any designers appointed shouldn’t do any work beyond initial design unless the Principal Designer has established that the Client is aware of their duties.

Projects with more than one trade must have an appointed Principal Designer and Principal Contractor

The Principal Designer and Principal Contractor must be appointed in writing by the client for any projects with more than one trade involved on-site or it will be concluded that they are responsible for these roles.

All projects require a construction phase plan

Prior to any works commencing, the client must make sure that a Construction Phase Plan has been provided by the Contractor or the Principal Contractor.

Applicable responsibilities to domestic projects

If the project has more than one contractor, then the Client duties will be assumed by the Principal Contractor. The Client chooses who to appoint as the projects Principal Designer. However, if this appointment does not happen; The client will appoint the Principal Designer. The Principal Designer will be the first Designer appointed to the pre-construction phase plan. The Principal Designer will be accountable to the Principal Contractor as the client of the project and will liaise with them.

Threshold for notification

The HSE will have to be notified, by The Client, about projects that will surpass 30 construction days with 20 or more workers working at the same time or if the project surpasses 500 person-days before they commence.

Removal of ‘Explicit Competence’

The Principal Contractor, contractors or designer will have to be able to demonstrate instruction, demonstration, training and supervision. This will need to be ensured by the client.

HSE and Construction Industry Training Board (CITB) Industry Guidance will replace the current Approved Code of Practice

From January 2015, HSE Legislation Series and CITB Industry Guidance will be available. The legislation goes through on 6th April 2015. A mini ACoP will be published.

IITS requirements (Information, Instruction, Training and Supervision)

Anyone should be able to demonstrate their capability and have the necessary resources to accomplish legal duties whilst working on a construction project. They must provide the necessary information in connection with the preparation; prevision and where necessary, revision of health and safety information. Such as Pre-Construction Information, Construction Phase Plans and Health and Safety Files.

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