Depression Warning Signs: What Are They?

Did you know that depression is the predominant mental health problem worldwide?

If depression warning signs can be spotted early, then it becomes less likely to disrupt or become a long-term problem for yourself or the person experiencing it.

Depression Warning Signs


Low moods

Constant low moods are often a warning sign of depression. This can involve feeling irritable and angry, experiencing uncontrollable emotions, feeling guilty when you shouldn’t and feeling tearful. However, all of this can often be covered up by putting on a happy face which is the reason depression can be so difficult to spot.

Social Life

Suddenly losing interest in hobbies you love or beginning to avoid contact with family and friends can be a warning sign of depression.

Changes in sleep

With depression can come a lack of energy. This feeling of fatigue can cause a domino effect that causes you to stop doing the things you enjoy. Because you feel so tired you may find yourself sleeping more than usual.

On the flip side, some people who are suffering from depression experience insomnia and sleep problems. This again can lead to anxiety.

Changes in appetite

People with depression can also fluctuate with their eating habits. Again like sleep, this can vary per person. Some people may eat more and therefore gain weight others lose their appetite and will lose weight.  Physical changes in a person can be key to spotting changes in them.

Alcohol and drugs

Depression can be a result of abusing substances and alcohol, but it can also be something people turn to try and make themselves feel better. If someone starts using drugs and alcohol more than they let it interfere with their life at work or at home in a negative way; they can be depression warning signs.

Anxiety: Spotting Signs of Mental Health Issues

For more information on the signs of anxiety, which can go hand-in-hand with depression take a look at our blog here.

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