Men’s Mental Health: What Can We Do?

Men's Health - Prostate CancerMen’s Mental Health & Suicide is 1 of 3 topics Movember is focusing on this year.

Did you know every minute someone in the world dies by suicide?

What can we do to help men’s mental health?

The best thing you can do for a mate who you think may be struggling with mental health is just be there for them. Although it can be uncomfortable it’s important to reach out and start a conversation with them. Unfortunately, a lot of men find it difficult to ask for help so being the one to approach them can be very helpful.

Starting a conversation about men’s mental health

When opening a conversation about mental health its important to prepare yourself.

  • Make sure that you are in a position to listen to them, leave yourself plenty of time to talk to them. You don’t want to have to leave in the middle of a conversation.
  • If they aren’t ready to speak to you that’s fine, you showing your interest in their wellbeing can be helpful.
  • Talking at mental health can be draining on yourself as well. Make sure you are looking after yourself so that you can be there for them.

Having a conversation about men’s mental health

An ideal way to approach a difficult conversation is following the steps: Ask, Listen, Encourage Action and Check-In.


You will never make someone’s day worse by asking how they are doing. Mention any signs that you have noticed that given you concern. If they open up that’s great, if not just let them know that you are there for them.


It’s important to listen and let them do the talking, don’t interrupt. You are not a doctor or a therapist so therefore you are not in a position to diagnose anything. Avoid dismissing or judging anything they say and make sure you appear interested in what they are saying. Questions should be open-ended to help encourage conversation.

Encourage Action

Again, you aren’t a doctor. Although this is the case you can try to help them enjoy themselves again. Talk and do things that they used to enjoy. Although you aren’t a doctor there is no harm in referring them to see somebody. Take a look at some useful resources here.


Even if things appear to have improved, keeping checking in and looking out for any deterioration. Make a plan to catch up again in the future to make sure you are still there for them if they need you.

Movember 2019

In November 2019 the guys at 3B Training are all sporting a moustache to help raise awareness for men’s health. Take a look at their progress on our live feed here.

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