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Spotting the Signs of Loneliness

Spotting the Signs of LonelinessSpotting the signs of loneliness in friends and relatives is really important. It could mean you can give them the support they need.

Loneliness can happen to anyone, especially in the current climate. Because of this, we must be all aware of the signs someone may show if they are feeling lonely. If we are aware of the signs, we can begin to help them deal with it.

What are the signs of loneliness?

  • Sleep – people who are feeling lonely tend to experience a change in their sleep patterns, whether that is sleeping more or sleeping less, feeling more tired than usual or less tired than usual.
  • Spending money – when people feel lonely, they may spend money on ‘unnecessary’ things to fill the void as a substation of human interaction.
  • Eating habits – you may notice someone over-eating or under-eating, which are both linked closely to depression. Often, when people are lonely, they will lose their appetite in food and will not want to cook for themselves.
  • Change in communication – if you notice an inconsistency in communication patterns such as telephoning more or less frequently, this could be a sign of them feeling lonely.
  • Physical health – if you notice someone getting ill more often than usual, this could also be a sign as mental health and physical health are closely linked.

How to help a lonely person

Surrounding someone with people won’t always make them feel less lonely. Helping someone who is suffering from loneliness is about making meaningful connections with them. Here are some of the things you can do to try and help…

  • Why not encourage them to use the internet or telephone to communicate with their friends and family?
  • Make a communication routine with them.
  • Give them something to look forward to by booking events into their diary.
  • Encourage them to go out and about, even if it isn’t far.
  • Encourage them to get in touch with their GP if their loneliness is having an impact on their mental health.

3B Against Loneliness

To help raise money for the Marmalade Trust, a charity dedicated to raising awareness of loneliness and helping people make new friendships, we are delivering two online Mental Health Awareness courses. All we are asking for is a £30 contribution which will be fully passed on to the charity. Doing this course means you will gain knowledge that will help you support those who are affected. Find out more here.

Anxiety: Spotting Signs of Mental Health Issues

Did you know one in six people in the UK experience some form of depression or anxiety disorder in the space of a week? Take a look at how to recognise the signs of anxiety here.


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