The 12 Days of Christmas Safety

On the 12 Days of Christmas, my true love gave to me…

12 tips on health & safety! Take a look below at 12 days of tips on how to stay safe this Christmas.

12 Days of Christmas Safety

1. Candles

Be careful when lighting candles this time of year. The increase in clutter and decorations creates an extra fire hazard in the home.

2. Pet Safety

Everyone knows when the festive season arrives out intake of chocolate goes up; make sure you keep them out the way of your pets. Anything containing xylitol can be poisonous to your pet. Also left over rappers can cause your pet to become poorly if they decide to eat them.

3. Fireplace

Keep your tree away from heat sources and fireplaces. A real tree can get really dry and to go up in flames very quickly.

4. Stable Christmas Tree

When putting up your tree ensure that it is on a stable base. You don’t want your tree to fall over and cause an injury or fire.

5. Artificial Tree

When choosing an artificial tree, choose carefully. Check the label to make sure that it is flame resistant to eliminate the hazard of a potential fire.

6. Real Tree

If you do decide to have a real tree make sure it is watered well and regularly. As stated before a dry tree can become a real fire hazard.

7. Fairy Lights

When putting up your fairy lights make sure you check them for any potential hazards. Check the wires for fraying, any bare spots in the wire and kinks in the line.

8. Decorations

Before you leave a room, turn off your tree and decoration lights when they aren’t being used.

9. Ladder Safety

Be smart when putting up decorations in high up places. Use a stepladder or ladder and inspect it beforehand.

10. Drink Driving

Its simple…don’t drink and drive. If you are out and about visiting friends and family and happen to have a few drinks, leave the car there until the morning. Another option is to designate a sober driver.

11. Christmas Dinner

When preparing your Christmas dinner make sure you think about food hygiene. Thoroughly wash your surfaces and utensils after cooking with raw meat.

12. Leftovers

If you decide to reheat your leftovers the next day make sure you reheat them properly. 74 degrees Celsius is the minimum temperature your reheated food should be.

Festive Safety Tips

Take a look at some more Christmas health & safety tips beyond the 12 days here.



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