Halloween Health and Safety Tips

Halloween can be great fun for all the family.

Although, trick or treating, Halloween parties and carving pumpkins can also raise a range of health and safety hazards for you and your children.

Take a look below at some tips on how to stay safe this Halloween.

Trick or Treating Safely

Halloween SafetyTrick or treating may seem like harmless fun, but think about how dangerous it is for children walking around at night, sometimes without supervision. Make sure young children are not trick or treating alone. Ensure that they are walking around with a trusted adult. If they are slightly older, ensure they are going out with a group of their friends.

It is wise to educate young adults and children on how to stay safe before they go out trick or treating. Stress the importance of “stranger danger”. Make sure they never enter a home without a trusted adult and that they never approach an unfamiliar adult in the street. Double-check that you know where they are going and that they are visiting well-lit and safe areas.

Check your treats before eating them – make sure your children are only eating factory-wrapped food. You don’t have any control of what is contained in homemade food made by a stranger.

Road Safety

Stranger DangerIt can be difficult for drivers to see pedestrians at night, especially if they are wearing dark coloured Halloween costumes. So that you are more visible to traffic, strap an luminous band to your clothing or bag. Alternatively, you can hold a flashlight or lantern whilst going from house to house. Encourage children to avoid crossing roads as much as possible and to look both ways before crossing. If they do need to cross a road tell them to cross at a well-lit crossing.

Costumes and Make-up

You need to be vigilant in checking your and your child’s costumes and face paint. Make sure that your costume and face paint has the CE mark to ensure it is made to the acceptable standard. Poorly made costumes may not be flame resistant which could prove very dangerous. Bad quality makeup can cause irritation to the skin and eyes; make sure you test it on a small area of your body before putting it on, and remove it before you go to sleep.

Mask and restrictive costumes can also be dangerous, avoid wearing them near busy roads and make sure your vision isn’t restricted too much. Decorative contact lenses can also be a huge hazard; they can cause infections, allergic reactions and injury to the eye. Wearing decorative contact lenses is like buying contact lenses without a prescription – it is very dangerous.

Jack-o’-lanterns and Luminaries

HalloweenWhen displaying pumpkins and luminaires, make sure they are not a trip hazard. Keep them away from pathways, doorways and stairways and out of the way of young children and animals. To reduce the risk of a fire, why not use battery lights inside them rather than candles?

When it comes to carving pumpkins, leave it to an adult who is skilled in food safety and has the relevant first aid skills just in case of an accident.

Christmas Safety Tips

For more seasonal safety tips take a look at our blog on how to stay safe at Christmas here.

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