New NEBOSH General Certificate Syllabus

In 2019, NEBOSH introduced a new course syllabus for the NEBOSH General Certificate. Take a look below at the changes that NEBOSH have made to the syllabus.

Why has the NEBOSH General Certificate syllabus changed?

NEBOSH made changes to the syllabus, in view to improve the course for learners. After consulting a range of Learning Partners, learners, employers and subject experts, NEBOSH decided to develop the syllabus on the back of their feedback. The new course content provides a better reflection of the role of modern health & safety professionals.

Take a look below for further information on the new NEBOSH General Certificate syllabus.

What are the main changes to the NEBOSH General Certificate syllabus?

Whereas NEBOSH originally split the General Certificate into three modules, NGC1/NGC2/NGC3, they have now divided the course into two.

NG1: Management of health & safety

This section covers various occupational health and safety subjects such as managing risks, health & safety monitoring and health and safety management systems. A NEBOSH approved tutor would teach this unit in a classroom over 5-days. Learners will also have to complete a written Open Book Exam.

NG2: Risk assessment

This unit is a practical unit that is assessed with a workplace-based assignment. The leaner must apply their knowledge by conducting a risk assessment on their place of work.

What is the NEBOSH Open Book Exam?

The Open Book Exam is one of the main changes to how the NEBOSH National Certificate is assessed. Previously the learner had to attend the NGC1 exam face-to-face at a training centre. Now the exam for NG1 is completed remotely, NEBOSH have named this the “Open Book Exam”.

The Open Book Exam is accessed online and can be completed wherever the learner pleases. Exams are hosted on one set day and are open for 24 hours. To attend, the learner simply needs to log in remotely on a device with a screen at any time during that window.

How do I attend the Open Book Exam?

To attend the Open Book Exam, the learner needs to follow this process:

  • Registration: 3B Training will send the learner the Delegate Registration Form, in which they will need to fill in and send it back to 3B.
  • NEBOSH online examination platform: eight days before the exam, NEBOSH will send the delegate their log in details to the platform. They can then login and familiarise themselves with the platform.
  • Examination day: at 9 am, the will be able to access the OBE question paper on the platform. They will have 24 hours to complete and submit their completed exam.
  • Following the exam, 3B Training will arrange a closing interview.
  • NEBOSH will email the results to you up to 50 days after the exam day.

For more information about OBEs click here.

Will the new syllabus affect NEBOSH Construction Certificate?

Learners who are attending the NEBOSH Construction Certificate will be affected by the changes. These learners will have to complete the NG1 unit which also features in the General Certificate. Therefore they will have to complete the newly altered NG1 unit and an Open Book Exam. Learners completing the NCC1 unit will still have to complete an in-person exam.

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