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CSCS Smart Check: Advancing Construction Verification

The Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) has been a cornerstone in verifying the skills and qualifications of construction workers for decades. However, as technology evolves and industry needs change, CSCS is undergoing a significant transformation. On March 31st, 2024, CSCS Go Smart, the industry app for reading and checking physical and virtual CSCS smart cards, will be withdrawn and replaced with CSCS Smart Check. This transition marks a crucial step forward in ensuring the competency, authenticity, and safety of construction workers across the UK.

In 2020, the Construction Leadership Council (CLC) said “…all card schemes must use smart technology, using common interface, without the need to manually enter data…”. Therefore, CSCS Smart Check was launched as a mobile app in April 2022, averaging 20,000 reads every month.

3B Training explain the CSCS Go Smart withdrawal which will be replaced with CSCS Smart Check.

Why the Change to CSCS Smart Check?

CSCS cards serve as proof of training and qualifications, with over two million cards in circulation displaying the CSCS logo. Of these, 1.1 million belong to CSCS, while the remaining are distributed among 38 members of the alliance, representing specialists in various sectors of the construction industry. The alliance’s strategic direction is to issue cards only to those who have achieved the appropriate qualifications for their occupations.

To streamline the verification process and combat issues like forged cards, the alliance designed CSCS Smart Check software. This system ensures that only qualified individuals carry out their designated roles on construction sites.

Unlike CSCS Go Smart, which was not universally adopted across the alliance, CSCS Smart Check is the only system that checks all two million cards, as long as they display the CSCS logo.

After the successful launch of CSCS Smart Check in April 2022, and being confident in the technology, CSCS is now working on installing this into any system that is currently using Go Smart, so these systems can use Smart Check from 1st April 2024, meaning Go Smart will no longer be available.

If you are currently using access systems with Go Smart, you will need install Smart Check into your system by doing the below:

  • Liaise with your IT partner
  • Review tripartite agreement (between CSCS, your IT partner and you as an employer)
  • Install the software

What are the benefits of CSCS Smart Check?

The transition brings several benefits:

  • Verification of all 2.1 million cards
  • Assurance that workers hold correct training and qualifications
  • Authentication of genuine and in-date cards, addressing fraud
  • Improved industry standards and safety

You can use it via a mobile app, available for free download from the App Store or Google Play.

How To Use CSCS Smart Check

With CSCS Go Smart being withdrawn, stakeholders need to adapt to the new system. Smart Check offers various methods for checking and validating cards.

Check a CSCS card using Contactless

How to check a CSCS card using a QR Code

Check a CSCS card using Manual Check

Future Developments for Smart Check

The alliance is continually improving CSCS Smart Check. A desktop version of the Smart Check Web Portal is in its final stages of development (as of March 2024). This will provide an alternative option for checking cards. Additionally, the CITB online card checker remains another validation option, particularly for cards issued before December 2019.


As the construction industry evolves, so too must its certification systems. The withdrawal of CSCS Go Smart represents a progressive step towards enhancing verification processes. As well as ensuring the safety and competency of construction workers. By embracing this change and adopting Smart Check, stakeholders are not only meeting industry standards but also contributing to a safer and more efficient construction environment

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