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3B Training and CITB Establish the Standard for Building Safety Act Training

The construction industry is undergoing significant changes with the implementation of the Building Safety Act (BSA). Understanding and adapting to these changes is crucial for professionals within the sector. To facilitate this transition, 3B Training has partnered with the Construction Industry Training Board (CITB) to make the Understanding the Building Safety Act course grant claimable, this collaboration aims to empower individuals and organisations. Providing them with the skills necessary to navigate the evolving landscape of building safety regulations. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in promoting best practices and ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.

COnstruction workers following plans to build safely

What is the Building Safety Act?

The Building Safety Act was introduced in response to the Grenfell Tower tragedy. The act signifies a shift in how the UK regulates building safety.

It incorporates provisions to improve future building safety and accountability, including how we construct and manage buildings. For the first time in the construction sector, we will now undergo monitoring and accountability for not only how we build, but also for managing buildings moving forward.

It’s a fundamental shift to make sure anyone using the built environment is kept safe. To do this we have seen the establishment of the Building Safety Regulator and the implementation of a new regulatory framework.


Why did 3B Training want to work with CITB to get this standard?

3B Training has made the Understanding the Building Safety Act course grant claimable for CITB-registered employers. This makes training more accessible and affordable for those looking to upskill in this critical area.

“The Building Safety Act was something that the industry needed, those that build well and are proud of the buildings they produce have welcomed this change, in practice what they are being asked to do changes very little for them. What the BSA does is highlight those that wish to cut corners and hopefully over time we will see those either change their ways or leave our sector.

What I wanted to see though was some support for those companies that take building seriously and I felt having a standard that all training providers, including 3B, needed to adhere to was important. This helps the industry pull together. A bonus of this standard is that levy payers now can claim funding for suitable BSA training.” – Mathew Bewley, Managing Director at 3B Training


How did 3B Training work with CITB to get the Understanding of the Building Safety Act course approved?

3B Training and the CITB held a meeting to agree on what to include as part of the training standard. The standard specifies minimum delivery times, course content, delivery methods, and by whom, and what to consider a competent trainer.

Once the standard is published this can then be challenged and developed further to make sure it continues to be appropriate for industry.

When a standard has been agreed upon, 3B just like all over providers then have to make sure that our course and trainers meet the criteria set within that standard.


What does the Understanding the Building Safety Act course cover?

3B Training Offers The Understanding the Building Safety Act course to provide participants with a comprehensive overview of the Act’s key provisions, regulatory requirements, and also implications for construction projects. The course covers topics such as:

  • Overview of the Building Safety Act and its objectives
  • Roles and responsibilities of duty holders under the new regulatory framework
  • Requirements for building safety, assessments and certifications
  • Compliance with fire safety regulations and risk management
  • Implications for design, construction, and ongoing management of all buildings

Learn about the benefits of good health and safety in our blog: Good Health and Safety – The Benefits and Costs 


How to book the Understanding the Building Safety Act course

We deliver this as an online public course, available to book via our website.

We can also deliver this course in-house for a group of employees at a venue of the client’s choice, which you can enquire about on our course page.


Does the Building Safety Act apply to all buildings?

The bill applies to all buildings, with a specific focus on high-rise and higher-risk residential buildings.

Higher-risk buildings include those that are at least 18m (or seven storeys) in height and those buildings that have two or more residential units. The design, refurbishment and construction requirements also apply to care homes and hospitals meeting the same height threshold. Register them with the Building Safety Regulator and achieve a completion certificate before they can be occupied.



Overall, the collaboration between 3B Training and CITB to make the Understanding the Building Safety Act course grant claimable represents a proactive effort to support the construction industry in adapting to regulatory changes and improving building safety standards.

By leveraging this opportunity, individuals and organisations can access high-quality training. This training enhances their skills and also contributes to the overarching goal of creating safer built environments for all.

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