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Good health and safety – the benefits and costs

Benefits of good health and safety

Addressing good health and safety should not be seen as a regulatory burden; because it offers significant opportunities. Benefits can include:

  • good health and safetyReduced costs.
  • Reduced risks.
  • Lower employee absence and turnover rates.
  • Fewer accidents.
  • A lessened threat of legal action
  • Improved standing among suppliers and partners.
  • Better reputation for corporate responsibility among investors, customers and communities.
  • Increased productivity.

Costs of poor health and safety at work

HSE statistics reveal the human and financial cost of failing to address health and safety:

  • poor health and safetyPoor health and safety culture can kill up to 200 people at work in the United Kingdom each year. Additionally, this does not include work-related road deaths.
  • In 2006, 30 million working days were lost in the UK to occupational ill health and injury. This imposed an annual cost to society of £30bn (more than 3% of GDP).
  • Surveys show that about two million people suffer from an illness that they believe is because of work.
  • Occupational illnesses kill thousands each year. Illnesses also include some cancers and respiratory diseases.

Organisations can incur further costs. Such as uninsured losses and loss of reputation.

Courses that help promote good health and safety

CITB Health and Safety Awareness

A one-day course basic introduction to health and safety. Furthermore, the course is aimed at those who work in the construction industry. The course, therefore, helps to give delegates the understanding of hazards on site. They will also learn how to keep themselves and others safe.

To book a CITB Health and Safety Awareness course click here.

IOSH Managing Safely®

A four-day course which highlights how to manage your colleague’s health and safety. The tutor teaches 8 modules in the course. The modules will teach you these skills. The course is also interactive and informative and aimed at managers in any industry.

To book an IOSH Managing Safely® course click here.

CIEH Level 1 Award in Health and Safety in the Workplace

The half-day course covers the importance of occupational safety. It is also a low-level introduction to health and safety for those in any industry.

IOSH Leading Safely

A one-day course aimed at directors from any industry. It teaches delegates how they can contribute to health and safety and the importance of it.

To book an IOSH Leading course click here.

For information on any other courses look further into our website on the “About Our Courses” page. Click here for more information.

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