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The Ultimate Guide to NEBOSH Courses

If you are looking to advance your career in safety management and ensure workplace safety, then NEBOSH courses are the perfect option for you.

NEBOSH (National Examination Board in Occupational Safety and Health) is a UK-based organisation that offers a range of globally recognised qualifications in health, safety and environmental management.

In this ultimate guide, we will explore everything you need to know about NEBOSH courses.

NEBOSH General health and safety practices being carried out after becoming NEBOSH certified

What is NEBOSH?

Firstly, the acronym, NEBOSH, stands for the National Examination Board in Occupational Safety and Health. NEBOSH is an internationally recognised organisation that provides various certification programs in occupational health and safety. It was established in 1979 and has since gained a reputation for promoting high standards in the field, establishing itself as a key player in the industry.

NEBOSH offers a range of qualifications tailored to different industries and levels of expertise. This includes general certificates for beginners to lay the foundation, and specialised diplomas for seasoned professionals to equip them with advanced skills and knowledge. The organisation’s courses cover a wide range of topics such as risk management, workplace hazards and incident investigation.

Employers hold NEBOSH certifications in high regard, as they demonstrate a commitment to ensuring a safe and healthy working environment.


Types of NEBOSH Courses

NEBOSH offers a variety of courses to cater to different levels of expertise and industries. Let’s talk about the most popular courses…

NEBOSH National General Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety

The NEBOSH General Certificate is the most widely recognised NEBOSH qualification. This course is suitable for individuals who hold health and safety responsibilities at work. It covers essential topics, a few of which are risk assessment, hazard identification, legal requirements and control measures.

This qualification serves as a high credential for those aspiring to pursue and advance their careers in health and safety. After completion, participants gain in-depth knowledge, proficiency and confidence to carry out their role.

The NEBOSH General Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety is a ten-day course and is a life-long qualification.

Breakdown of the NEBOSH General Certificate course…

NG1 Management of Health and Safety – The importance of managing health and safety at work and the systems in place to help manage risks.

NG1 Open Book Exam – An exam that allows you to use the information gained from the course to answer a series of questions.

NG2 Risk Assessment – Learn about risk assessments and the things to consider (overall health, chemical and biological agents, work risks, equipment, fire and electricity).

NG2 Practical Submission – Put your knowledge of risk assessments to the test by showing your competence to complete your own.

We deliver this as a public NEBOSH General Certificate online course and in the classroom at our venues. Additionally, we can deliver this as an in-house course at a suitable venue of your choice.

You can also take the NEBOSH National General Certificate as an eLearning course. This eLearning has engaging and interactive modules that you can complete in your own time.


NEBOSH Health and Safety Management for Construction

NEBOSH offers a more role-specific course; NEBOSH Health and Safety Management for Construction. This course is specific to individuals who have health and safety responsibilities within the construction industry.

This ten-day course provides a thorough understanding of the principles of health and safety management in the construction sector. Delegates gain valuable insights into various construction hazards, risk assessment techniques, and effective methods of implementing and monitoring construction health and safety measures within projects. Individuals can develop the skills required to manage health and safety in construction projects, ensuring the well-being of workers and compliance with legal obligations.

This qualification is accredited by NEBOSH and doesn’t expire. Like any NEBOSH qualification, it demonstrates competence and knowledge in health and safety management.

This qualification not only enhances delegates’ career prospects but also enables them to contribute effectively towards creating a safer site.

Breakdown of the NEBOSH Health and Safety Management for Construction course…

NC1: Managing Construction Safely – Overview of health and safety management and assessing risks but covers specific topics such as excavation, demolition, mobile plant vehicles, load handling and more.

Open book examinations – The completion of the course is dependent on the 48-hour open book exam. The exam allows you to use the information gained from the course to answer a series of questions.

We deliver the NEBOSH Construction course as a public course online and in the classroom at our venues. We can also deliver it as an in-house course at a suitable venue of your choice.

This course can be delivered as an eLearning course too. The NEBOSH Construction Certificate eLearning allows more flexibility when completing the course. It also has engaging and interactive modules to help delegates retain course information.


NEBOSH Certificate In Fire Safety

The NEBOSH Fire Safety course provides individuals with an in-depth understanding of fire safety principles, concepts and regulations.

This course offers a broad range of knowledge and skills that are necessary for effectively identifying and managing fire hazards in various settings. The certificate program covers a wide range of topics, including fire prevention and control measures, fire risk assessment, emergency planning and procedures. It also discusses fire safety legislation and enforcement.

This NEBOSH training course takes approximately 4.5 days to complete and is accredited by NEBOSH.

Some of the topics covered in the NEBOSH Fire course include:

  • Fire safety management and principles
  • Ignition sources and control measures
  • Protection of buildings against fires
  • Safety of yourself and others
  • Completing a risk assessment for fires

By completing this training, participants will gain the expertise to contribute to the development and implementation of robust fire safety strategies in the workplace.

The NEBOSH Certificate in Fire Safety is recognised and respected worldwide, making it a valuable credential for those looking to advance their career in fire safety and prevention.

We have dates available for the NEBOSH Fire Certificate online as a public course, or we can deliver it in-house.


Why is NEBOSH qualification important?

NEBOSH qualifications are very important when creating a positive health and safety culture in the workplace. NEBOSH emphasises risk management principles and strategies, equipping participants with the skills to identify, assess and control workplace hazards effectively. This proactive approach helps organisations minimise risks, prevent accidents and protect both employees and assets.

Taking a NEBOSH qualification equips you with the most recent knowledge and ensures you know the industry’s best practices. This allows you to effectively contribute to creating safer work environments, reducing risks, and protecting both employees and employers from potential harm

Employers also have a legal responsibility to ensure the health, safety, and welfare of their employees and others affected by their activities. Holding a NEBOSH qualification demonstrates a commitment to meeting legal requirements and maintaining high standards of health and safety in the workplace.

Without NEBOSH qualifications being in place, there would be increased absences, accidents and injuries, fatalities, and legal penalties.


What level is NEBOSH General Certificate?

We consider the NEBOSH General Certificate a Level 3 qualification in the UK’s National Qualifications Framework (NQF) or the Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF). This level equates to an intermediate level of study, which is roughly equivalent to an A-level qualification.

While the General Certificate is often regarded as an intermediate-level qualification, it provides a comprehensive understanding of health and safety principles and practices suitable for professionals at various stages of their careers.


Benefits of NEBOSH Courses

NEBOSH courses offer a range of benefits for both individuals and organisations. Some of the key benefits include:

  • Globally recognised qualifications that are highly respected by employers
  • Improved knowledge and skills in health, safety and environmental management
  • Enhanced career prospects and opportunities for advancement
  • Increased confidence in managing workplace safety
  • Improved workplace safety culture and reduced risk of accidents and incidents
  • Complying with the current regulations and legislation
  • Reduces costs from illnesses and injuries

Learn more about the benefits of NEBOSH Health and Safety courses.


What are the entry requirements for NEBOSH courses?

There are usually no formal educational requirements to take a NEBOSH course. However, at 3B Training, we require candidates to have a good understanding of English.

The reason for this is so that the delegate can understand and articulate the concepts contained in the syllabus.


How to Choose the Right NEBOSH Course

When selecting a NEBOSH course it’s best to take into account not only your career aspirations but also the specific industry you work in. By considering these factors, you can align the course you choose with your overall career objectives and increase the likelihood of achieving success in your chosen field.

By researching and reviewing the course content and delivery methods, you can make sure you’re selecting the course best tailored to your precise needs and learning style. This will ensure that you will gain the necessary knowledge and skills to excel in your profession.

At 3B Training, we hold the NEBOSH Gold Learning Partner Status. This shows that we greatly exceed the learning excellence principles that NEBOSH set, making us a trusted provider when considering who to enrol on a NEBOSH course with.

Learn what course is best for you with our blog ‘Which NEBOSH Health and Safety course is best‘.

Why choose a NEBOSH course from 3B Training?

Aside from our reputation of being a world-class accredited training provider, there are many advantages of taking a training course with 3B Training. Take a look at some of the benefits below:


Trusted Training Provider

Here at 3B Training, we have obtained years of experience in delivering training courses with excellence. The many years of experience have taught us that our delegates need expert support, quality training and a commitment to their success. We are also pleased by the positive feedback from delegates, this contributes to us having an excellent rating on Trustpilot. Additionally, we are also a NEBOSH Gold Learning Partner, meaning that we have been rewarded for being at the highest level of recognition and accreditation from NEBSOH.

Effective Support

Our experienced trainers have years of experience in the industry. They understand the challenges delegates face and provide guidance and assistance every step of the way. This helps you get the best out of the course. We ensure that our trainer’s knowledge and practices are recent and in line with industry standards. As well as our trainers offering the highest level of support, so does the rest of the friendly 3B Team! Anyone who manages your requests will handle them with the highest level of professionalism and care.

Variety of Courses

3B Training offers a range of world-class training courses, including the NEBOSH courses. The range of NEBOSH courses we offer cater to different levels of expertise and industry sectors making them an invaluable resource for professionals seeking to enhance their knowledge and skills in health, safety, and environmental management, regardless of their background or career stage.


Receive a globally recognised qualification from NEBOSH upon completion of the course.  This validates their expertise and competency as well as enhances their credibility and employability on a global scale. This certification serves as a testament to their dedication, showing that they are committed to maintaining a high standard of health and safety in the workplace. Having an accreditation also has many advantages to your career. It impresses employers and opens many doors and opportunities within the field.


At 3B Training, we prioritise the ease and convenience of the delegate’s learning experience, which is why we offer a range of delivery methods. We also have venues across the UK making it accessible to have classroom training courses with us. Not all training methods might be available for each course, the reason for this is that we feel that some training methods might not get you the best out of the course, for example, if there is a practical element to the course. To find what delivery methods are available, take a look at the course pages on our website. Our methods for delivery are:

  • Online
  • Classroom
  • Practical
  • eLearning

All public course dates are available to book online. If you wish to book an in-house course for a group of employees, complete the enquiry form on the relevant course page and one of our friendly team members will be in touch.

How is the NEBOSH course delivered?

As a NEBOSH Gold Learning Partner, let’s go through how we deliver our NEBOSH courses. Not every NEBOSH training course has the same delivery methods available so we have clarified the methods of delivery for each course below:

Certificate in Fire Safety – We deliver this course as a public NEBOSH online course that you can access remotely. It’s also available as an in-house course online or at a suitable venue of your choice.

General Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety – You can take this ten-day NEBOSH General as a public online or classroom course at one of our training venues. Alternatively, you can complete the enquiry form on the course page to have it delivered in-house at an appropriate venue or online via Zoom.

Health and Safety Management for Construction – Take the NEBOSH Construction course that’s delivered over ten days as public online or classroom training, or enquire to have this delivered in-house.

When taking any of our NEBOSH courses online, you must use a computer or laptop with a camera, screen, microphone and access to the internet.


Where can I study NEBOSH eLearning courses?

You can study a NEBOSH eLearning course through a trusted, accredited provider that offers an eLearning option. 3B Training offers both the NEBOSH Construction Certificate and NEBOSH General Certificate as an eLearning course, offering an alternative option to learning. Choosing the eLearning option allows you to complete the course from anywhere, at any time.

For the NEBOSH courses we deliver in the classroom, they are available at our training venues across the UK. Use our course finder to view upcoming availability for NEBOSH courses at our training venues: Find a course.

eLearning is a great delivery method for your training journey as it offers flexibility and it is also a cost-effective alternative as it cuts the costs associated with classroom delivery. Additionally, it has a real-time tracking feature where administrators can track the delegate’s progress.

These eLearning courses have engaging and interactive modules and course content to make it easy to retain knowledge. The interactive features make the learning process enjoyable and effective.


How are NEBOSH courses assessed?

Assessments for the NEBOSH courses differ depending on the specific NEBOSH course you choose to take. The assessments can range from a combination of practical submission, open book examinations and risk assessments. Let’s see how we assess each course:

The assessment for the NEBOSH Health and Safety Management for Construction course is an open-book exam over a duration of 48 hours, followed by a short interview. An open-book exam is where you can refer to the course materials such as textbooks, notes and other resources. This is a remote exam so there is no in-person exam.

The NEBOSH General Certificate assessment has a one-day open-book examination. After the open book examination, there will be a practical assessment. The practical examination is to assess your skills or abilities with a ‘hands-on’ approach. For this, delegates will have to demonstrate their competence by completing a risk assessment followed by a plan of action for their place of work.

With the NEBOSH Certificate in Fire Safety assessment, there will be both an open-book examination and a practical assessment. The practical assessment will involve the delegate completing a fire risk assessment. With the examination and practical assessment, this is an opportunity for you to demonstrate what you have learnt whilst taking the course.

After successful completion of the course, you will receive NEBOSH certificate once processed.


How difficult are NEBOSH courses?

NEBOSH (National Examination Board in Occupational Safety and Health) courses can vary in difficulty depending on your background, knowledge, experience and the specific course you’re taking. We consider the NEBOSH courses to be comprehensive, covering a wide range of topics related to occupational health and safety. They require some study and preparation, as well as a good understanding of the subject matter.

Some factors that can influence the difficulty of NEBOSH courses include:

Previous knowledge and experience: Having prior experience or education in health and safety might make some concepts easier to grasp. However, even individuals with experience may find certain aspects of the course challenging.

Course level: NEBOSH offers a range of courses at different levels, from introductory to advanced. Higher-level courses typically require a deeper understanding of health and safety principles and may be more challenging.

Study habits and commitment: Success in NEBOSH courses often depends on your dedication to studying and preparing for exams. The more time and effort you invest in studying, the better your chances of success.

Complexity of the subject matter: Health and safety can encompass a range of topics, including risk assessment, hazard identification, safety management systems, and legal requirements. Some of these topics can be complex and require focused study to fully understand.

We offer support throughout the course with course materials and our expert trainers. If you pay attention throughout the course and revise what you have learned, you should be well on your way to passing the NEBOSH examination.


Overall, taking a NEBOSH course is a beneficial and worthwhile investment for both individuals and organisations.  The range of NEBOSH courses we offer helps delegates to prioritise workplace safety and aspire to progress in their professional endeavours.

The extensive array of NEBOSH training courses available caters to a diverse range of needs, ensuring that there is something suitable for everyone!

Additionally, the globally recognised qualification provided by NEBOSH serves as an indisputable testament to individuals’ expertise in the fields of health, safety, and environmental management. By opting for NEBOSH, individuals and organisations are choosing the ultimate path towards excellence and accomplishment in these vital areas.

Full course details including prices, upcoming dates and the benefits of each course are available on our website. Visit the relevant course page where you can find out more and book online: NEBOSH Training Courses.

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