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First Aid at Work Requalification Course

First Aid at Work Requalification is a training course for delegates who need to renew their First Aid at Work certificate. On the course, you will refresh your first aid knowledge and remain a qualified first aider for your organisation.

  • Accredited Level 3 qualification.
  • Renew your certificate in just two days.
  • Continue to meet your organisation’s first aid requirements.
  • Keep your first aid knowledge up to date.
  • Lower price than the full three-day course.
  • Valid for three years.
First Aid at Work Requalification

First Aid at Work Requalification course content

The content covered in the 2-day First Aid Refresher course is a summary of the longer and more in-depth ‘First Aid at Work’ course. The tutor delivers the course through a variety of case studies and group discussions. You will also take part in practical exercises after tutorials from the tutor.

The tutor will cover the following subjects on the course:

Unit 1

The day-to-day role of a first-aider;  decreasing infection risk, the roles and responsibilities, and the need for consent.

Assessing an incident; carrying out the primary survey and a scene survey.

Applying first aid to an unresponsive casualty; administering first aid to a casualty who is having a seizure, giving and demonstrating CPR, what is the recovery position and demonstrating it.

Chocking first aid; a demonstration of applying first aid to a choking casualty and how to recognise the severity of choking.

External bleeding first aid; demonstrating how to control bleeding and identifying the severity of the bleeding.

Dealing with a casualty who is in shock; recognising the signs of shock; and administering first aid to a casualty in shock.

First aid to minor injuries, including burns, minor cuts, grazes, scalds etc.

Unit 2

The secondary survey; demonstrating a head to toe survey and gathering the history of a casualty.

Administering first aid to a suspected bone, muscle and joint injury; identifying injuries and a demonstration of applying various types of sling.

Chest and spinal injuries; identifying/demonstrating first aid on a chest/spine/head injury and recognising head/spinal/chest injuries.

Scald and burn first aid; administering first aid to a scald or burn and identifying the severity of the injury.

Eye first aid; administering first aid to injuries involving dust, chemicals and embedded objects.

Casualty experiencing sudden poisoning; applying first aid to sudden poisoning, and the routes in which poison can enter the body.

First aid and major illnesses; an epileptic seizure, asthma attack, diabetic emergency, a heart attack, and a stroke.

Assessment: This qualification is assessed through practical demonstration and a multiple-choice theory test. The tutor will also continually evaluate your understanding over the two days of the course.

How long is the First Aid Requalification course?

The First Aid Refresher course is two days long; this equates to around 14-hours of learning.

The course is delivered over two days rather than the full three days; this is because it is designed to refresh your knowledge rather than cover all of the content again.

The requalification course also allows you to spend one less day away from work than the full First Aid at Work.

Why should I take this course?

Delegates who need to renew their First Aid at Work qualification should attend this course. Without an in-date first aid qualification, you are no longer contributing to your organisations first aid requirements.

Rather than letting your qualification expire and attending the three-day course, it’s much more beneficial to attend the refresher. The course is cheaper than the three-day course, and you will also spend less time away from work.

You shouldn’t be administering first aid without proper training; especially in the workplace, you could put the casualty in further harm. The course will help ensure that you are applying all first aid properly to attend to casualties in the future.

First Aid at Work Requalification Course entry requirements

This course is for people who have previously attended the First Aid at Work course and have a certificate about to expire. Please provide a copy of your in-date certificate before attending. If your certificate has expired, you cannot attend the First Aid Requalification and must redo the full three days.

You must also have a good knowledge of written and spoken English; you must understand the content properly to pass the course and deliver first aid competently.

Delegates must 18 or over to attend the course; we will conduct an identification check before starting the course.

Is this course accredited?

Yes, this course is Highfield accredited. Highfield Qualifications offers a range of qualifications across the country, not limited to first aid. Their courses are well known throughout a range of industries and can help develop your career progression and gain employment.

Where can I take this course?

You can only complete this course in the classroom.

Public Classroom Courses

Classroom-delivered First Aid Requalification courses are delivered in our venues across the country. Our open course dates are available to book directly over the phone or online through our website. Like the 3-day course, the requalification course is delivered in a classroom by a tutor. We will arrange the room to have a clear floor space where the tutor can deliver the practical parts of the course.

Please take a look at our upcoming public course dates here.

Remote Learning

Unfortunately, we cannot deliver the First Aid at Work Requalification course online. This course can only be delivered in the classroom. Delegates will not be able to complete the practical elements over video-call.

In-house Courses

We can also deliver the First Aid at Work Requalification course as an in-house course specifically to your company. If you have a group of employees who are all due to renew their certificates, this course is ideal for you. We can also tailor the course content to include industry-relevant examples to help encourage discussion between the delegates.

To enquire, fill out the in-house enquiry form on this page. Once you have enquired, we will be in contact to provide you with a quote.

Further development

On completion of the course, you will receive a certificate within 6-8 weeks.

You have up to three years and 28 days to renew your First Aid certificate once it expires again. To requalify, you must attend the course again.

If you would like to refresh your knowledge in between courses, you can also complete the First Aid at Work eLearning course. This course will not renew your certificate but will provide you with the theory to help keep you updated.

Another vital qualification to have in the workplace is Mental Health First Aid. This course will help equip your workplace with individuals who can support those struggling with their mental health and point them in the right direction. This is another qualification that you can also apply outside of the workplace.



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