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Low Risk Confined SpacesThis course Low Risk Confined Spaces course will educate delegates on how to enter and work in a confined space safely to conduct their work.

How long is the Low Risk Confined Spaces course?
One day

Who should attend the Low Risk Confined Spaces course?
If you are working in a confined space with suitable or mechanical ventilation and the environment is low risk; this is a suitable level for you.

Low risk – simple and unobstructed access and egress with no risk of flooding (valve chambers, meter pits, stairwells).

Course Objectives

By the end of the training course, delegates will have further knowledge of:

  • General knowledge of working in Low Risk confined spaces
  • Preparing to work safely in a Low Risk confined space
  • Safely using tools and equipment safely
  • Following work and procedures safely
  • Safely entering and exiting Low Risk confined spaces
  • How to deal with an emergency
  • Appropriately behaving in a Low Risk confined space
  • How to apply your knowledge to your work

Course Content

The course will cover the following topics:

  • What is a confined space?
  • What are Water UK NC1- NC4 classifications?
  • The definition of a Low, Medium and High Risk environment
  • Regulations surrounding entering a confined space
  • Hazard identification and Risk Assessments
  • Use and principles of gas detectors
  • Permits to work and Safe systems to work
  • Topman/bottom man duties
  • Adjusting, pre-use checking and correct donning a harness
  • Fall arrest equipment, tripods and winches

What is Required to Pass the Low Risk Confined Spaces Course?

The tutor will assess the delegate on their level of competence. In order to pass the course, the delegate will need to complete and pass a written exam and have a direct observation of entering a Low Risk confined space.

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