Workplace Health and Safety for a Safer Business

Workplace health & safety doesn’t just apply to high-risk industries.

Workplace health and safety for a safer businessWorkplace health and safety also needs to be considered in lower risk environments such as offices.

If your workplace safety isn’t a priority, it should be. Dangerous hidden hazards are in every office environment.  It’s not only important to protect your employees, but its also the law!

Take a look at some vital processes you can follow to contribute to a better occupational health & safety culture.

Keep an eye out for hazards

Think about the kind of work that your employees conduct. Analyze their work and think about the hazards they may encounter. What training can you provide each employee to help them work safer?

How can you control each hazard?

It is recommended that you follow the hierarchy of control when controlling a hazard. The best form of controlling a hazard is eliminating the hazard completely.

If you feel that the hazard can’t be completely removed, try and find a way to substitute the process with something less dangerous. Why not introduce machinery or engineering controls to help remove the person from the hazard.

Bespoke training

Once you have collected enough information on the hazards that apply to your company, you can then train your employees on how to prevent them.

Every employee should attend some form of basic induction training that goes over the specific hazards to the workplace. The training should include accident reporting, spotting hazards and emergency procedures. You will also need to appoint specific first aiders and fire personnel.

Each individual then needs training for their specific role. Do they need training on Manual Handling if they regularly move loads? Do they need Sharps, COSHH or Spill Response training when handling hazardous substances?

Keep on it!

Make sure regular refresher training is in place. Refresher courses are great to eliminate bad habits and update the individual on changes in health and safety regulations. You may want to consider eLearning training courses as an alternative to classroom courses for those employees who can’t easily be removed from the site to train externally.

How To Make Your Employees More Health & Safety Aware

For more training advice, take a look at our blog on raising health & safety awareness in the workplace here.

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