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Risk Assessment and Method Statement

The RAMS training course will educate you on how to write an effective Risk Assessment and Method Statement.

Firstly, this course is designed for anyone who is required to carry out Risk Assessments and produce Method Statements as part of their role. Secondly, you can complete the course in three hours and your certificate is valid for three years.

A Risk assessment is used to record any hazards identified in the workplace. A method statement explains how you are going to manage the risks identified in the risk assessment.

Overall, on completion of this RAMS training, you will learn how to conduct a risk assessment which complies with relevant legislation.

Why Take the Risk Assessment and Method Statement Course?

Line Managers, Supervisors, and Health and Safety representatives should attend this course. All in all, the skills that you will gain from the course is highly transferable throughout a range of industries.

By completing the course, you are helping your company to meet the requirements of the Management of Health and Safety Regulations 1999.

Risk assessments help to ensure a safe workplace, so you will be able to recognise hazards and protect your workers from harm.

Method statements help instruct your workers on how to conduct their role safely based on the risk assessment. This aids communication of health and safety across your organisation and protects everyone involved.

What Does the RAMS Training Course Involve?

This RAMS training course includes a theory session and an assessment at the end of the course. For more information on what’s covered in this training, read the course content section below.

Benefits of this RAMS Training Course:

  • Helps to improve your workplace health and safety
  • Helps to manage any risks and reduce any potential accidents or injuries
  • You will become complaint with risk management legislation
RAMS Training and Risk Assessment and Method Statement being carried out in an organisation.

Risk Assessment and Method Statement Course Content

The course will cover the following topics:

  • The legal requirements surrounding risk assessment and method statement, including the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999
  • Important definitions such as: harm, risk, hazard and hazardous events
  • The risk assessment process (five-step approach)
  • Risk and hazards
  • Specification of risk controls
  • Accident prevention and precautions
  • Quantitative and qualitative risk
  • Hierarchy of controls

By the end of the course, you will be able to recognise hazards in the workplace which will enable you to:

  • Evaluate the risks found in a risk assessment
  • Initiate the relevant control measures to prevent an accident
  • Competently conduct a risk assessment which complies with the relevant legislation
  • Produce a suitable method statement


The trainer will assess your contribution throughout the course. You will also be required to complete a final multiple-choice examination to pass this course.

How is the Risk Assessment and Method Statement Course Delivered?

We can deliver the course via Online/Remote Learning, or in-house specifically for your delegates.

Remote Learning

This RAMS training is delivered online via a virtual classroom using Zoom.

The online course allows the delegate to attend the training from home or the workplace.

To join the course, delegates have to log in via the link provided through a computer or laptop with a camera, screen, microphone and access to the internet.

Delegates can still interact with other attendees and the trainer through their microphone or the chatbox throughout the day.

In-house Courses

This RAMS training course can also be arranged to be delivered as an in-house course specially for your delegates. We can hold the course in a 3B classroom, a venue of your choice or remotely over video call software Zoom.

We can make the course bespoke to your company; tailored with relevant examples that help generate quality discussions. There must be a minimum of 3 delegates and no more than 12 for us to provide an in-house course remotely, or no more than 20 for a classroom course.

We price our in-house courses on a case-by-case basis. The location, delivery method and the number of delegates will factor in the price of the training.

For a quote, complete the in-house training enquiry form on this page, and one of our friendly team members will be in touch.

How long does the Risk Assessment and Method Statement Course Take?

We deliver the course over three hours of learning.

As a result, you will gain all the knowledge you need and qualify in just half a day’s training.

Risk Assessment and Method Statement Course Entry Requirements

To enrol, you should be able to speak and understand English well.

To attend the online course, delegates must have access to a computer or laptop that uses a microphone and webcam, and have access to the internet.

Is the Risk Assessment and Method Statement Course Accredited?

Yes, the course is 3B Training accredited.

At 3B, we regularly review our training courses and develop them with our quality and training team.

Risk Assessment and Method Statement Course FAQs

What does RAMS stand for?

RAMS stand for Risk Assessment Method Statement

What is a Method Statement?

A Method Statement describes the steps and processes required to manage any risks identified during the risk assessment. It would include the necessary resources and precautions that are needed to carry out the tasks safely.

What is a Risk Assessment?

A Risk Assessment is a process that identifies potential risks and hazards in the workplace. It helps a company to understand and manage risks effectively, by making informed decisions based on the findings.


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