Gas Appliance Safety Facts and Figures

Gas Appliance Safety shouldn’t be looked at lightly. 21 million of us still use gas for cooking, hot water and heating so it is important we use it safely.

Take a look at some eye-opening facts and figures about gas appliance safety and how dangerous negligence is.

Gas Safe Register

Gas Safe RegisterGas Safe Register has replaced the CORGI registration as the UK’s approved registration scheme for gas & heating engineers. The UK has more than 120,000 approved engineers; each will carry a Gas Safe ID card to show that they are qualified. There is also 60,000 Gas Safe registered businesses out there, each business has a business registration number that can be checked online to ensure that they are qualified. To check an individual or business take a look at the Gas Safe website here.

Gas engineers will carry an ID card that shows the work that they are qualified to conduct. Don’t just ensure that they are able to work on all gas appliances because they have a card.

Illegal Gas Workers

Gas Appliance Safety

Illegal gas workers are out there, around 7,500 are conducting their work in the UK. If you have any concerns that a gas worker is illegal, it needs to be reported to Gas Safe Register. It is important to be made aware as there are 250,000 jobs done by illegal workers annually if these customers were aware the fitters may have been reported.


Regular servicing and gas safety checks are imperative to keep your gas appliance safe. If you are renting a property you need to ensure your landlord or housing association check your gas appliance and pipes annually.  As a new tenant, you should receive a copy of the certificate when you move into a property. If you currently live in a property, you should receive a copy of the certificate 28 days after the test.


It’s simple, don’t cut corners when it comes to gas.  By doing DIY gas work you are opening yourself to the likes of fires, explosions, gas leaks and also carbon monoxide poisoning. Health and Safety Executive stats showed that in 2008/2009, 310 people were injured and 18 killed from dangerous gas work. They also showed that 15 carbon monoxide deaths were reported that year.

Carbon Monoxide

By knowing the signs of carbon monoxide, you will know how to act against it before it becomes potentially fatal. The signs can be mistaken for cold and flu symptoms if you don’t have a carbon monoxide alarm. A carbon monoxide alarm is around £15 – £20 to buy and can be highly valuable if it saves a life.

Health and Safety at Home: Gas Safety

For more information take a look at our blog on “Gas Safety at Home


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