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IOSH Working Safely aims to inform the delegate on why health and safety is important. It is designed to demonstrate how everyone can contribute to a safer workplace every day. The course aims to show delegates how they can make a difference to their own well-being through everyday behaviors. The course is fun and interactive with a focus on best practice rather than legislation.

The Institution of IOSH Working Safely in BoltonOccupational Health & Safety (IOSH) is the world’s largest professional health and safety membership scheme. The course aims to regulate the profession of health & safety providers by setting standards, connecting members to resources, and also providing support, guidance and training.

Course Content

Key topics of IOSH Working Safely include:.

  • An Introduction into working safely.
  • Defining hazard and risk.
  • Recognising common hazards.
  • Developing safety performance.
  • Environmental issues.

The working safely course is a very fun and interactive course. You will gain knowledge through presentations, quizzes and videos. You will also take part in theory based learning such as classroom discussions and practical activities.

Suitable Delegates

IOSH Working Safely is a one day course aimed at a broader audience rather than a specific sector. People from any sector at any level who need introducing to health and safety are suitable to attend the course. Therefore the course only provides health and safety information on a basic level.

Further Development

On completion of training delegates will have a better understanding of identifying and dealing with occupational risks and hazards. They will also be able to work at bettering safety in the workplace. You will take away knowledge of the responsibilities given to companies by legislation and how to reduce environmental impact.

The IOSH Working Safely course is only available as an in-house course. For further information on IOSH Managing Safely, IOSH Directing Safely and also the IOSH accreditation click here.

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