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What is eLearning?

eLearning is a learning format that utilises various technologies that allows learners to complete courses outside of a traditional classroom. Most electronic learning courses are some form of course or qualification that you can complete entirely online.

How does eLearning work?

eLearning courses are available via an online portal that the learner can access via a device such as a laptop or computer.

Within their dashboard, they will see the courses they have bought or been assigned to by their employer. The courses contain a range of interactive scenarios, activities and knowledge questions, all designed to increase the learner’s knowledge. Each course includes broken-down bite-sized units. The learner must go through each of them and then complete a final exam at the end to test their understanding. On completion, they will be able to download their certificate from their dashboard.

How is eLearning used?

Companies and individuals use this method as an easily accessible and flexible alternative to classroom training. Many people use it to gain mandatory qualifications quickly and easily, quite often in the workplace or at home, during work time.

You will use our Learning Management System (LMS) differently depending on if you’re a delegate or someone who books training for a company.

As a delegate, you will log in to the LMS and complete your course. However, as someone who books training for employees, you will use our LMS to enrol and assign your employees to courses, as well as tracking their progress and having the ability to download their certificates. If this is your role within a business, you’ll probably want to take advantage of our Tiered Pricing Structure for eLearning!

Take a look at our walk-through video on how to use the Management Dashboard on our LMS…


Why is eLearning so popular today?

The benefits of eLearning as a method of gaining a certificate or qualification is why it’s so popular. These benefits include…

  • Cost-effectiveness
  • LMS that’s easy to use
  • Flexibility
  • Self-driven learning
  • Immediate results
  • Has less impact on the environment

What is an online learning environment?

An online learning environment is different depending on if you’re completing an eLearning course or an online course.

Our online courses are delivered over Zoom with a live trainer, and there will be other delegates on the course with you.

Whereas with eLearning, you log into our LMS and complete the course at your own pace without a trainer. Instead, experts on the subject matter have come together to produce the content for the eLearning course modules. These modules contain a variety of interactive activities that you can complete as and when you wish.

How effective is eLearning?

The effectiveness is dependent on the quality of the course. At 3B Training, we’re passionate about producing and offering eLearning courses that we believe you’ll get the most out of. That’s why we’ve invested in a slick and user-friendly LMS and include a variety of interactive activities in our courses to enhance the delegate’s retention, and most of all make it enjoyable.

How to access eLearning from home?

The beauty of eLearning courses is that you can access them from anywhere, as long as you have an internet connection and a suitable device, e.g. laptop or computer. So, getting that qualification or certification is at your fingertips!

What eLearning courses do 3B Training offer?

Our eLearning course categories include…

What are the benefits of eLearning?

Read our article to learn about the benefits of choosing eLearning: Benefits of eLearning for Employees.

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