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Complete Your One Day Health and Safety Course with 3B

The importance of health and safety practices cannot be emphasised enough in an industry as high-risk as construction.

The Construction Industry Training Board (CITB) Health and Safety Awareness Course is designed to provide delegates with the knowledge and skills needed to navigate potential hazards and protect themselves and others on the job site.

The Importance of One Day Health and Safety in Construction

Construction projects often involve a wide range of hazards, ranging from physical injuries due to accidents to long-term health risks caused by exposure to harmful substances. 

Fortunately, you can mitigate potential risks with the implementation of safety regulations, making the workplace safer for everyone involved.

Health and safety practices protect workers and lead to greater productivity, contributing to the success of the business.

Overview of the One Day Health and Safety Course

The CITB Health and Safety Awareness Course serves as a comprehensive introduction to health and safety regulations, responsibilities, and best practices within the construction and civil engineering sectors. 

Tailored for new entrants as well as existing workers, this one-day course offers key insights into accident reporting, the use of personal protective equipment, the risks of asbestos, and more.

By completing the course, participants earn a recognised certification, reflecting their competency in maintaining safety on the worksite.

Benefits of Choosing the One Day CITB Health and Safety Course

Enrolling in the CITB Health and Safety Course provides several significant benefits. Firstly, the course is a stepping stone to obtaining a CSCS Green Labourer Card, a legal requirement for working on construction sites in the UK.

It equips you with the essential knowledge and skills needed to navigate and contribute to a safer work environment in the construction and civil engineering sectors.

Additionally, the course offers a convenient format, with just one day of training needed to gain critical health and safety knowledge. Whether you’re a newcomer seeking foundational knowledge or an experienced worker needing a refresher, the CITB Health and Safety Awareness Course is a practical and beneficial choice.

Its strong focus on real-world scenarios helps translate theoretical knowledge into actionable strategies, enhancing safety practices on every construction site.

Who Should Take the CITB Health and Safety Course?

Anyone involved in the construction industry can benefit from the CITB Health and Safety Course. Specifically, it’s designed for new entrants into the industry who need to gain an understanding of their health and safety responsibilities.

It’s also ideal for existing workers who require a refresher course or who are looking to apply for the CSCS Green Labourer Card, a prerequisite for most construction site roles.

CITB HSA Course Content: What You Will Learn

The CITB Health and Safety Awareness Course is comprehensive and covers a wide range of topics essential to understanding and managing health and safety risks in the construction industry. Some of the key areas covered in the course include:

  • Understanding your general responsibilities for health and safety at work
  • Grasping the nuances of health and safety law
  • Learning the correct procedures for accident reporting and recording
  • Gaining insights into health and welfare in a construction setting
  • Understanding the rules and applications of personal protective equipment
  • Identifying the risks associated with asbestos in the workplace

These topics, among others, provide a robust foundation for health and safety awareness in the construction industry.

One Day Health and Safety Course Delivery

There are four delivery methods options for you to choose from:

Public Classroom One Day Health and Safety Course

3B provides traditional classroom based CITB Health and Safety Awareness courses in our nationwide training venues. We deliver the course in a traditional classroom environment with a trainer and up to 12 delegates.

In-House One Day Health and Safety Course

For companies looking to train multiple employees, we offer in-house training that can be delivered at your premises, reducing travel time and allowing for a more tailored approach with company-specific examples.

Online One Day Health and Safety Course Course (taught remotely)

Remote CITB Health and Safety Awareness courses are delivered online via a virtual classroom using Zoom. The benefit of this is that it eliminates the need to travel to attend the course, saving time and money.

E-Learning Course

If you would prefer to take the course at your own pace, without a trainer from the comfort of your own home, the CITB HSA eCourse may be the perfect option for you. The content takes around 7.5 hours, however, you can spread this out over multiple days and save your progress.

Legal Requirements for Health and Safety in Construction

The UK’s health and safety regulations mandate that employers provide a safe working environment for their workers. These regulations cover a broad spectrum of aspects, such as risk assessment, first-aid provisions, fire safety, and more.

For construction businesses, understanding and complying with these laws are essential to avoid legal complications and safeguard the well-being of their workers.

The CITB Health and Safety Course aids in comprehending these regulations, as it covers the health and safety law in depth. By equipping workers with this knowledge, businesses can ensure that they meet their legal obligations and maintain a safe and secure workplace.

The Role of the CSCS Green Labourer Card in Construction Safety

The Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) Green Labourer Card serves as proof that an individual has achieved a basic level of understanding and competency in health and safety for construction sites.

To apply for this card, completion of the CITB Health and Safety Awareness Course is required, making the course an integral stepping stone for those looking to work on construction sites.

The card plays a vital role in construction safety, as it demonstrates that the holder possesses the necessary knowledge and skills to operate safely and effectively on a construction site. Employers can make informed decisions when hiring and enjoy a fully trained workforce.

One Day Health and Safety Course Topics

The CITB Health and Safety Awareness Course covers a comprehensive range of topics to ensure you’re prepared for maintaining a safe working environment in the construction industry. Let’s delve into these critical topics in detail:

General Responsibilities for Health and Safety at Work

Understanding the general responsibilities for health and safety at work is crucial for all construction workers. This involves recognising potential hazards, knowing how to use equipment safely, and following company safety policies and procedures. The course teaches you about these duties and how to take practical steps to ensure safety at your workplace.

Understanding of Health and Safety Law

Construction workers need to understand the legal aspects of health and safety to ensure compliance and avoid legal complications.

The course provides a thorough overview of the health and safety law, including Working at Height Regulations 2005, RIDDOR 2015, COSHH 2002, PPE Regulations 1992, Noise at Work Regulations 2005. By understanding the legal framework, you can better navigate your responsibilities and rights within the industry.

Accident Reporting and Recording Procedures

In the unfortunate event of an accident or incident at work, it’s important to know how to complete an accident report and record it correctly.

The CITB Health and Safety Awareness Course covers the necessary procedures for reporting and recording accidents. You will learn what details to capture, reporting them, and how to maintain accurate records for prevention of similar incidents.

Importance of Health and Safety in Construction

Health and safety in construction covers a broad spectrum, from ensuring proper rest periods to considering workers’ general well-being.

The course offers guidance on how to promote and maintain high health and welfare standards on construction sites.

Personal Protective Equipment Rules and Uses

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is a key aspect of safety in construction. The course outlines the rules for using PPE, when and how to use it, and the importance of maintaining equipment.

By understanding these rules, you can effectively use PPE to protect yourself and others from potential hazards in the workplace.

Risks of Asbestos in the Workplace

You can still find asbestos in some older buildings. Asbestos exposure can lead to serious health conditions.

This course explains the risks associated with asbestos, identifying it, and precautions to take if you suspect it at work. By knowing these risks, you can help ensure the safety and health of everyone on the site.

Why Choose 3B Training for Your One Day Health and Safety Course?

When it comes to your safety and the safety of your colleagues, choosing the right training provider is crucial. 3B Training is a leading provider of health and safety training in the UK, offering a comprehensive range of courses.

Delivering High Quality Health and Safety Courses at 3B

With years of experience in delivering high-quality health and safety courses, 3B is a trusted name in the industry.

Our trainers are accredited experts in the field and are committed to providing interactive, engaging, and informative sessions that equip you with the knowledge and skills you need to maintain a safe working environment.

Start Your CITB Health and Safety Course

The CITB HSA Course is more than just a requirement; it’s an investment in your career and personal safety.

You’ll be better equipped to navigate the dynamic and sometimes challenging environment of the construction industry by undertaking this training.

Make Your Workplace Safer in Just One Day

Don’t wait to prioritise your safety and the safety of your colleagues. Enrol in 3B’s CITB Health and Safety Awareness Course today, and take the first step towards a safer construction workplace. 

Our flexible training options allow you to choose the best delivery method for you.

Head over to our CITB HSA Course Page to view our next available course dates.

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