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What First Aid eLearning Courses are Available?

First Aid eLearning is a great way to refresh your knowledge in between classroom courses. Take a look at the First Aid eLearning courses available through 3B Training’s eLearning platform.

Upon completing your First Aid at Work or Emergency First Aid classroom course, it will then be three years until you refresh your certificate on the First Aid Requalification. By completing a First Aid eLearning course before your First Aid Requalification, you can refresh your knowledge for a fraction of the price without having to leave the workplace.

Emergency First Aid eLearning

The Emergency First Aid at Work online eLearning course is suitable for those who need a basic knowledge of emergency first aid. The course only takes approximately two hours to complete. We don’t advise that you attend this course without participating in the classroom course; due to the lack of practical elements. This online first aid course covers all the relevant practical aspects of the classroom course, making it an excellent refresher tool.

Completing this Emergency First Aid at Work online course provides you with the knowledge to promote a safer working environment, teaches you how to administer first aid to casualties with various injuries, and most of all teaches you life-saving skills.

First Aid at Work eLearning

The First Aid at Work eLearning course is recommended to those who need an understanding of the role of a first aider in the workplace. The course takes around 4 – 5 hours to complete and provides you with a Highfield-accredited downloadable certificate. We don’t advise you to use the eLearning course as a substitute for the classroom course; it is hard to justify 6 hours of eLearning as a replacement for three days of interactive classroom learning. The course covers all the information you need to know to be the first aider in a high-risk environment.

Completing this course will give you a solid understanding of your roles and responsibilities as a first aider and will help you to potentially save lives.

Mental Health in Construction eLearning

The Mental Health in Construction eLearning course is suitable for those working in the civil engineering, construction and building industries. You will learn about the variety of mental health problems and how to seek assistance. Completing this course will take you around 40 minutes. It aims to remove the stigmas that exist around talking about mental health within the industries.

Completing this course provides you with knowledge on how to protect the well-being of workers.

How do I book an eLearning course?

You can book an eLearning course online through the 3B Training website.

Our Tiered Pricing Structure

Are you a business that regularly purchases eLearning courses? If so, you’ll want to take advantage of our eLearning tiered pricing structure!

The pricing is as follows:

  • £25 each for between 1 – 25 licences
  • £24 each for between 26 – 49 licences
  • £21 each for between 50 – 99 licences
  • £19 each for over 100 licences

Learn more: What is Tiered Pricing? Our eLearning Pricing Explained.

What other eLearning courses are available?

Find out more information by clicking the links above, where you can also purchase licences or enquire about tiered pricing.

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