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Plant Training Courses

NPORS Accredited Training CoursesNPORS Accredited Courses are qualifications which are recognised by the HSE. An NPORS Accreditation shows that an organisation has NPORS trained instructors who are competent to deliver quality training to operators.

How long is an NPORS course?
The course length varies depending on the level of experience of the attendee, the NPORS category and the number of delegates attending the training (1 day-10 day course)

Who should attend an NPORS course?
The trainer delivers to novices with no experience all the way up to experienced workers who just require the test

We offer two different routes to obtain the NPORS card. For the CSCS-approved NPORS card, all candidates need to have passed the Health, Safety and Environment (HS&E) test or equivalent in the last 2 years

NPORS Accredited Course Objectives

The main aim of NPORS accredited courses is to ensure that delegates attending have the required skills in whichever area of training they are carrying out to complete their work competently.

What NPORS Accredited Courses Are Available?

We offer a wide range of NPORS Accredited courses, including but limited to:

Further Development

The awarding body recommends that a refresher is taken regularly. This is to make sure that the operator is working to the correct standard and to consequently correct any bad habits the operator may have picked up over the duration of the card.

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