NPORS Slinger Signaller

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Controlling Lifting OperationsSlinger Signaller is a qualification which is recognised by the HSE. The qualification allows the individual to gain the relevant skills through NPORS to obtain their relevant skills card.

How long is the course?
3 days

Who should attend the Slinger Signaller course?
Novices with no to limited experience who are looking to gain the NPORS Operator Card.

Is the course accredited?
NPORS accredited

Entry Requirements

Delegates must have completed the CITB Health, Safety and Environment Test at within two years of attending the course.

Course Objectives

The course aims to give the delegate the ability to meet the needs of the company so that they can provide satisfactory personnel on-site.

Course Content of the Slinger Signaller

The Slinger Signaller Course will provide candidates with the basic knowledge and practical skills involved in slinging loads and guiding cranes. The course covers a basic introduction to health and safety and current legislation; as well as a range of techniques on how to operate the machine.

Further Development

A refresher course must be taken regularly; this is to make sure that the operator is working to the correct standard and to correct any bad habits the operator may have picked up over the duration of the card.

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