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Traditional Classroom Courses vs Online eLearning

Both eLearning and traditional classroom courses have proven very popular but which one suits you the best?

When it comes to training it is important to choose the right method for you; take a look below at the pros and cons of both classroom courses and eLearning.

What are the Advantages of Classroom Courses?

Time out of the Workplace

Some people find that they find it easier to study without the distractions of work to deal with as well. You should focus your time out of work solely on completing your qualification.

Self-Discipline and Enforced Learning Discipline

Book onlineWhen it comes to classroom learning; you may have paid that bit of extra money but it is near impossible to procrastinate. Classroom learning is ideal for those who struggle to motivate themselves to log onto eLearning and study themselves with no prompting what so ever.

What are the Disadvantages of Classroom Courses?

Concentration and Fatigue

eLearningThose who aren’t used to working in a classroom environment may find the whole experience overwhelming. Classroom courses tend to work at a fast pace due to the limited time limits of the courses. They also have only a few short toilet-breaks in-between topics which aren’t enough for some people and therefore can be quite tiring.

Getting Your Qualification Fast

SMSTS TrainingClassroom courses can be completed as quickly as a day. You can arrive at the course in the morning and have the exam completed by the afternoon. At 3B Training, you can receive your results and leave with a pass letter on the day. Although this is the case we only look to send out our certificates between 6 – 8 weeks from course completion

Is Online Learning More Effective than the Classroom?

Online learning may be considered effective as it is cheaper, flexible, convenient and interactive. Many students find eLearning as a better way to learn compared to traditional classroom courses. It allows students who really want to learn to take control of their own learning.

What are the Advantages of eLearning?

Cost and Value

Affordable classroom coursesIn comparison, eLearning is the much cheaper option to attend; if you need training and you are on a budget eLearning may seem like the no-brainer option. Classroom courses are much more expensive due to training companies covering the cost of the venue, tutor and the course material etc. The price also goes up when you take into count personal travel expenses and sometimes even an overnight stay.

Time out of the Workplace

Classroom coursesIt can be difficult for companies to release their workers to attend classroom training courses. It can be quite a commitment to drop your workload to be out of the office for one day let alone up to two weeks. You can mould eLearning around your commitments and study in your free time.

Getting Your Qualification Fast

If you prefer to work at your own pace and be in control of your completion time you may want to do eLearning instead? Most eLearning courses allow you to download your certificate immediately after completion. This cuts out the wait due to admin time.

Self-Discipline and Enforced Learning Discipline

Those who find that they get tired and lose concentration in a classroom environment; may prefer eLearning. If the delegate is self-disciplined; and like to have control of their own learning time and breaks, eLearning could be the right method for them.

What are the Disadvantages of eLearning?

Despite all the money saved with eLearning it has its disadvantages Does a course with no physical tutor and classroom interaction compromise the quality of learning? Is it worth paying that extra money to have a personal experience in which you can share your knowledge and anecdotes with other like-minded people?

If you have a question in a classroom course you can get the answer immediately. You can also gain surrounding knowledge from the question you asked through group discussion. With eLearning, you won’t receive your answer as quickly or as thoroughly; you may have to look through online resources or wait a while for a response from a forum or email.

eLearning Can Be Slow To Evolve and Difficult To Get Right

eLearning developments and changes rely on a lot more people to perfect and implement. Content needs to be re-written, reviewed and developed. Traditional classroom courses allow tutors to deal with changes quickly and tailor what they are saying to suit the learners.

Developing your own bespoke online training can also be expensive and difficult to master which then has you relying on the old style in which everyone else uses. You’ll need to employ a whole team to manage development, support and content.

The Benefits of Regular Training in the Workplace

Internal training is highly beneficial in helping your company develop. Take a look at some of the benefits of regular training here.

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