What is an EUSR Card and EUSR Training?

You would use a EUSR Card to access a construction site as a utility worker to conduct your work. EUSR stands for Energy & Utility Skills Register, which is the online register of qualifications for the utility industry.

EUSR CardA EUSR Card is usually held by those who work with gas, power and water. Utility workers use the card as an alternative to the CSCS card.

When you obtain the card, EUSR will assign you to the Energy and Utility Skills Register. By having your details on there, current and future employers will be able to view your qualifications—the category in which EUSR register you will influence which EUSR Card you will get.

An individual’s training and skills record can also be checked manually on the EUSR register search.

Similarly, to the CSCS and CPSC cards; each card is has a different colour, each colour will represent your qualification level and occupation.

Does EUSR cover CSCS?

Energy & Utility Skills is a partner of CSCS for SHEA courses. Your SHEA EUSR ID card will have the CSCS logo on it.

If you work in the utility industries, you cannot simply complete the CSCS Health, Safety and Environment Test. Due to the significant requirements of the role compared to a construction role, the touch screen test doesn’t cover the relevant elements necessary to obtain a EUSR card.

What EUSR training is available?

To get the relevant card for your role, you need to complete the relevant EUSR course. The SHEA (Safety, Health & Environment Awareness) passport has various schemes to cover different roles.


The touchscreen test required for gas workers is the utility safety and environmental passport scheme. This EUSR course is more commonly known as the EUSR SHEA Gas Training course.

The delegate will complete ten modules throughout this SHEA Gas EUSR course. Eight consists of modules than run right through the sector; three are gas specific. In the last three, you will learn about the gas network and above ground installations.

Waste Management

There is also a CSCS affiliated scheme for waste management roles; the SHEA Waste and Resource Management course. This course covers all the relevant information on environmental awareness and health and safety.

SHEA Water

Those who work in the water industry have a few routes to take to obtain their relevant EUSR card.

  • The SHEA Water course is a basic awareness course for those who work in the water industry.
  • The national water hygiene registration is the relevant course for those who require access to a restricted site.

The course all depends on the health and hygiene issues that surround the role of the delegate, e.g. water contamination.

SHEA Power

Operatives who work in the power transmission and distribution industry would complete this course.


BESC  is normally a high enough qualification to allow electrical workers on site. Another route you can take is to attend the correct training to become a national grid electricity contractor.

How long is a EUSR card valid for?

EUSR cards are valid for between three and five years. You must renew your SHEA Gas Passport after five years of completing your EUSR training. The SHEA Water Passport is valid for three years.

Other Affiliated Qualifications

EUSR also offers qualifications for those who work in the industries below. They offer EUSR courses in various categories.

  • Plant equipment scheme
  • Pipeline construction
  • Special equipment
  • Excavation
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