Coloured Hard Hats Introduced To Improve Site Safety

A new regime of coloured hard hats is set to be introduced in 2017. Highway maintenance and construction site workers will now have to follow this procedure in an effort to make sites safer.

Coloured hard hats will represent each workers role.

High Way Workers

Street WorksOperatives will now wear white hats, as well as managers of the client. The black will go to Site Supervisors and green and yellow hats will be completely removed from highway maintenance. Slinger / Signallers will wear orange and site visitors or inexperienced persons will wear blue.
The changes have been introduced as an effort to recognise best practice and improve standards. Costs would also be reduced because firms would no longer have to buy a range of coloured hard hats for different jobs.

In some situations, a site might be too small for the process to work effectively. In this instance, the workers will all wear the white helmet.

Construction Sites

Coloured hard hats on all cColoured Hard Hatsonstruction sites will also be introduced; the helmets will help workers to identify others by their level of qualification. Similarly to highway workers Site Supervisors will wear black and Slinger / Signallers will wear orange.

Site Managers and competent operatives will wear white hard hats. Vehicle Marshals will also have this attire but will differentiate themselves by wearing high visibility vests. The traditional yellow construction hat will now be removed from the list. Additionally appointed Fire Marshals and First Aiders will have stickers on their helmets to clearly show their skill set.

If you think members of your workforce need additional training take a look at the Health and Safety courses 3B Training can offer.

Types of PPE

For more on-site safety, take a look at our blog on the different types of personal protective equipment available and their limitations.

Read more here.

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