CSCS Card Changes: No More Construction Related Occupation Cards

As of March 2017, Construction Related Occupation (CRO) skills cards will no longer be issued by the CITB/CSCS (Construction Skills Certificate Scheme).

Any Construction Related Occupation CSCS cards that were issued prior to October 2016 will expire in September 2017; resulting in the cards being phased out.

Construction Related Occupation CardAcross the construction industry, there are around 230,000 CRO card holders; you don’t necessarily need a construction related qualification to hold the card.  You just needed to fall under what CSCS call a “construction related” occupation to be able to hold it. All construction related occupations can be found on the CSCS website here.

CSCS recently announced that they now only want certificates carrying the CSCS logo to be held by those who have construction-related qualifications such as NVQs. Because the CRO card does not allow the holder to demonstrate that they have recognised qualifications it no longer meets the requirements of the Construction Leadership Council (CLC).

CRO cardholders will have to apply for an alternative existing or newly introduced CSCS card. Only if their job requires them to work on site. The alternative card they can apply for will depend on their current qualifications. It will also apply if their job role is classed a construction related. If your job role isn’t ‘construction related’ for example then you will no longer require a CSCS card.

The CSCS provide an online card finder system. It will help CRO cardholders know what actions they need to take next and what card is suitable for their occupation.

Alternatively, cardholders will be moved over to CSCS’s Partner Card Scheme. They will move to a qualification more suitable to their occupation; such as CPCS or NPORS for plant operations, CIRS for Scaffolders or PAL for powered access platforms.

The purpose of the change is to ensure that the industry has a fully qualified workforce; with workers who hold nationally recognised qualifications.

If you’re a CRO card holder and have any questions relating to what you need to do please contact your local 3B Training centre.

Which CSCS Card Should I Apply For?

Take a look at how you get the different types of CSCS cards and if they are right for you here.

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