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Dealing With Stress Whilst Furloughed

Characteristics of StressAlthough most of us aren’t dealing with the stresses of work, we are dealing with brand new stresses whilst furloughed.

We have put together some advice to help you deal with the weird world of being furloughed.

Getting into a routine

Although you aren’t leaving the house it’s important to keep in a routine so that you are looking after your mental health.

Try to wake up at the same time every day, this will help regulate your body clock. You’ll have better sleep, feel more refreshed and find concentrating throughout the day easier. Tiredness can feed negativity and can cause you to get stressed throughout the day. Getting washed and dressed every day will also help you to get motivated for the day.

Exercise can help to relieve stress

It’s not good to be stuck in the house every day; although a big part of isolation is staying indoors it’s still important to get your daily hour of exercise. Exercise will help to clear your mind and help you to feel more motivated.

Even if you have already completed your daily hour of outdoor exercise, it doesn’t mean that has to be it for the day. If you are feeling stressed why not do some exercise indoors? Watch some exercise videos online or do some yoga in the garden. Even playing with the children or the pets can be a great stress reliever.

Keep Talking

It can be difficult not being able to communicate with family and friends whilst in isolation. If you are feeling stressed during this difficult time, it’s important to reach out – don’t bottle up your feelings.

Talk to someone about how you are feeling over video-call or the phone. You could even arrange a group video call activity with your friends and family. Doing an activity that releases you can be a great stress reliever and doing it with other people will also help.

Manage Your Screen Time

Although it is important to communicate with others over social media; is also important to manage your screen time. During this difficult time, continuously looking at the news can be scary. Although it is important to keep up with updates on COVID-19; make sure you have a screen break every once in a while.

If you are still working from home during COVID-19 why not check out tips on “How To Reduce Work-Related Stress“?

For more information visit “Coronavirus and your wellbeing” provided by MInd.

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