DIY and Garden: Health and Safety at Home

DIY and Garden SafetyWe all do a bit of DIY or work in the garden at some point in the year.

Although we think we are capable with DIY; if you don’t have the relevant knowledge or skill in the activity you are doing you are prone to an accident.

Take a look at the safety measures you can take when doing DIY or work in the garden in order to avoid a potentially fatal accident.


Over-ambition is one of the biggest causes of accidents, it is important to be realistic with what you think you can do yourself. Don’t try and do a job that is beyond your ability – get a trained person to do it for you. Especially the likes of utilities work such as gas and electric repairs.

Safety Checks

It is also important to be careful and methodical with potentially dangerous jobs. Don’t rush in and risk assess the task before completing it. Check your equipment thoroughly; make sure it is clean and isn’t damaged. If you aren’t confident in how a tool or product works, make sure you read the instructions before use.

PPEFor some tools, you may be required to wear PPE. Make sure you wear the relevant Eye and Face protection when you are using a saw or drill or working with anything that may splash and be harmful to your eyes. Wear gloves or gauntlets in order to protect your body and clothing and aprons if necessary. Earplugs may be required if you are using loud tools and hair shout be protected just in case of encounters any of the tools. If you are mowing the lawn; you should protect your feet with sturdy shoes and ensure you keep well away from the blades.

Garden Safety

Be aware of what plants you have in your garden; some plants could be poisonous to people and pets. Also, be aware when barbequing where you position your barbeque. Keep it well away from fences, buildings and trees.

Fire Prevention in the Home

For more information on how to stay safe at home, why not read our blog on Fire Prevention in the Home.


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