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Face Fit Testing WorkshopWhat can the Face Fit Testing Workshop do for me? Are you 100% certain that the respiratory masks you provide your employees with fits them properly? If they don’t your workforce may be at serious risk. An employee must have his/her RPE tested by a competent person; 3B Training delivers a course that can make you that person.

Who should attend the Face Fit Testing Workshop course?
This course is suitable for anyone who needs to be able to deliver face fit testing to employees or co-workers on site.

Is the Face Fit Testing Workshop course accredited?
3B Training accredited

When does my Face Fit Testing Workshop certificate expire?
Three years

Course Content of the Face Fit Testing Workshop

Fit2Fit Logo3B Training provides a Face Fit workshop- during the workshop, a Fit2Fit accredited instructor will give the attendees an understanding of how to conduct face fit training themselves and gain knowledge on the variations of masks available.

Firstly, all the attendees need to take the “Taste” test. This is conducted to ensure the delegate can taste the solution so the test can be taken correctly. Two different taste solutions can be used for the test. Either the bitter or sweet solution can be used based on how the person being tested reacts.

Next, the attendees will take part in the Fit Test. This requires a sequence of exercises which are performed to make sure the respirator cannot move. The test involves the delegate moving their face and body in a variety of ways to ensure the mask stays still. These exercises must be taken again and again until the delegate cannot taste the solution at all.

When the delegate is tested on a certain mask the certificate they obtain is relevant only to the mask type that works for them. If they choose after the course to use another type of mask the certificate will not be relevant for the mask type they have been tested with.

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