What Does a Health & Safety Manager Do?

The Health & Safety Manager in an organisation is very important in helping to lower workplace injuries and fatalities.

Take a look below at the day to day role of a Health & Safety Manager and their responsibilities.

What is a Health and Safety Manager?

The Health and Safety Manager of an organisation is responsible for ensuring that a workplace is adhering to health and safety procedures.

The Responsibilities of a Health & Safety Manager

Health & Safety Manager

The overall goal is to reduce the risk of work-related illness, accidents and injuries in the workplace. This is done by implementing and enforcing the company’s health & safety policy.  You will also be responsible for:

  • Creating a good PPE culture in the workplace. You will need to make sure that all workers understand the importance of Personal Protective Equipment. You will also need to teach workers how to properly inspect PPE to ensure that it is suitable for its purpose.
  • Conducting risk assessments of the workplace so that you can identify risks in the workplace to address. 3B Training provides the Risk Assessment course as an open course and also as an in-house course.
  • Raising awareness of how to correctly report accidents in the workplace.
  • Investigating workplace safety concerns and as a result, working to remove any risk or hazard.
  • Managing emergency procedures such as fire alarm drills and evacuations.
  • Developing policies and procedures and making sure they follow the law.
  • Fire SafetyMaking sure that all staff are properly trained in their role and assigning them to in-house and external training.
  • Assigning the relevant amount of First Aiders on site and assuring they are properly trained and equipped.
  • Promoting good health & safety culture. You can do this by leading by example and “practising what you preach”.

When is an incident reportable to RIDDOR?

Depending on the degree of the accident a workplace injury will need to be reported to RIDDOR. Take a look at our guide which will help you to understand which accidents need to be reported at that level and which don’t. Read more here.

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