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What Health & Safety eLearning Courses are Available?

We offer a wide range of Health and Safety eLearning courses that are of benefit to individuals at different levels from various industries. If you completed a health and safety classroom course in the past and you need to refresh your knowledge, the ideal option would be to attend the course again at the same external venue.

Unfortunately, if you are too busy to take time out of work to refresh your knowledge, then learning via eLearning is ideal; especially for those who need to gain health and safety knowledge but need to attend training in their own time. Here’s a list of our health and safety eLearning courses below.

Abrasive Wheels Safety eLearning Course

The Abrasive Wheels Safety eLearning is directed at individuals who operate abrasive wheels and the main purpose of the training is to keep operators safe! This Abrasive Wheels Safety eLearning course provides training on essential topics in this field such as identifying wheels, choosing the right wheel and wheel safety and maintenance.

Accident Reporting eLearning Course

Accidents in the workplace can often occur. It is important to deal with accidents in the correct manner, otherwise, individuals and businesses could suffer legal consequences. By taking this Accident Reporting eLearning course individuals will know the correct procedures that follow an accident and be able to complete an accident report.

CITB Health and Safety Awareness eCourse (HSA eLearning)

The Health and Safety Awareness eLearning course gives an overview of health and safety in the construction industry. Anyone who takes the CITB Health and Safety Awareness eLearning will gain knowledge on construction hazards, legislation and how environmental issues can influence health and safety.

Confined Space eLearning Course 

For individuals working in enclosed environments, the Confined Space eLearning course helps delegates understand how to work safely in their role. This eLearning discusses how to effectively use the correct tools and equipment and how to be an expert when it comes to spotting hazards.

COSHH eLearning Course

Working with chemicals and hazardous substances can come with risks. The COSHH eLearning course teaches delegates about different hazardous substances and how to control the risks that come with COSHH.

H&S Essentials eLearning Course

The Health and Safety Essentials eLearning course covers the aspects of health and safety that staff are legally obliged to know. Topics in this course include individual responsibilities and legal requirements, hazards and risks, safety signs, PPE, and workplace emergency procedures.

Health & Safety for Managers and Supervisors eLearning Course

This health and safety eLearning course teaches Managers and Supervisors how to optimise workplace safety and how to reduce absenteeism by having a healthy work environment. This course is great as it massively reduces accidents within the workplace.

HAVS eLearning Course

HAVS stands for Hand Arm Vibration. This awareness training is designed for workers operating hand-held power tools or machinery. The HAVS eLearning training covers understanding hand-arm vibration signage and discusses how to reduce risks from over-utilising these tools and machines.

Hot Work eLearning Course

If you work with flames, sparks, or heat-producing tools, the Hot Work eLearning course would be beneficial. This eLearning allows you to carry out your role safely and competently all whilst being aware of potential hazards.

Legionella Awareness eLearning Course

The Legionella Awareness eLearning gives in-depth knowledge of Legionella bacteria, its associated risks, and preventive measures. By completing a Legionella Awareness eLearning Course, individuals can enhance their awareness and contribute to the prevention of Legionella-related risks.

Lone Worker Safety eLearning Course

This course is designed for solo-workers, who don’t work as part of a team. When working on your own you’ll come across issues that need dealing with, this course helps you to tackle issues and emergencies independently. Working in isolation for long periods can also put a strain on your mental health. The Lone Worker Safety eLearning course takes into consideration your mental and physical health and provides techniques to handle difficulties.

Manual Handling eLearning

Manual Handling eLearning is an ideal alternative to the classroom Manual Handling course. The course will cover important manual handling work-related subjects. On the course, you will learn how to improve your manual handling techniques and how to assess a load before lifting.

Noise Awareness eLearning Course

Individuals exposed to loud noises frequently can experience hearing damage. The goal of the Noise Awareness eLearning course is to prevent this before noise affects your hearing. The course discusses who is at risk, what the risks are and ways to reduce risk.

PPE Training eLearning Course

With many accidents occurring in the workplace each year PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) must be worn to keep you safe. We have the PPE Training eLearning course for individuals to understand employee and employer duties. The course also covers different types of PPE and how these items should be worn.

PUWER Training eLearning Course

The PUWER Training eLearning Course educates individuals about safety measures when using equipment at work. This course teaches the correct equipment maintenance and the scope of equipment under PUWER but also instils a strong commitment to the regulations.

RAMS eLearning Course

Risk assessments and method statements need to be completed in most work environments, especially those that pose a risk. This Risk Assessment eLearning course teaches individuals how to conduct a risk assessment in line with recent legislation.

Sharps eLearning Course

Anyone who works with sharp objects should take this Sharps eLearning course. This course gives valuable information on potential risks with sharp objects, and how to prevent injuries. The Sharps eLearning course will teach you best practice techniques that you can use in your day-to-day role.

Spill Kit Bodily Fluids eLearning Course

This course is for any workers who clean up or dispose of spills of bodily fluids. This Spill Kit Bodily Fluids eLearning course teaches the recommended procedure used for completing this task and minimises risks while carrying out this task.

Spill Kit Chemicals & Oils eLearning Course

The Spill Kit Chemicals and Oils eLearning course is designed for anyone cleaning spills and hazardous liquids. This eLearning teaches the best practices to use whilst cleaning hazardous spills to help minimise risks.

UKATA Asbestos Awareness eLearning Course

The UKATA Asbestos Awareness eLearning Course helps to educate individuals on the potential risks associated with asbestos exposure. This eLearning covers essential topics such as asbestos identification, handling, and safety precautions in compliance with UK regulations.

How to book an eLearning course

You can book on to an eLearning course online or you can contact us over the phone and our friendly team will be happy to assist you.

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